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If you want a memorable experience doing a wine tasting or "savoury " tour, such as you do when in the Okanagan, you will definitely want to book with Patrick and Dorthy. Their knowledge of the local area and personal attention to all the details involved in both the trip I booked with them as well as most helpful advice about local eateries and accommodations was more than one would normally expect. As to the sidecar experience... a blast! We had so much fun! If you want a more personal experience book a trip, you will not regret it! Visited May 2017

Tours may be pre-booked for any day of the week, from sun rise to sun set. 
Office is open Tuesday through Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM at 1-778-753-1237 or send us an email at info@customsidecartours.ca for more information.

Wow!! What a fantastic experience and such a blast! Patrick was an amazing tour guide. ..and super nice guy. It was my 8 year old son and myself,and we had an awesome time. The ride was so smooth and comfortable. ..worth every penny
And the views were amazing! !
Thank you again!!!
Linda and Daniel. .CalgaryVisited August 2016

My wife & I took a side car tour, which is basically a side car attached to a motorcycle.
It was absolutely fabulous & I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Kelowna.
We were amazed at the things we were able to see, lakes, views, etc., things you can never see on a bus or by car, and the tour guide/owner was extremely accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and very hospitable. It made our stay in Kelowna that much more exciting. GREAT VALUE. ,Visited September 2016

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I took the plunge! After reading the information on Custom Sidecar Tours I felt it was worth trying.
I was not disappointed. We rode through areas of West Kelowna I did not know existed. When the tour was over I wanted to buy a sports car as it was fun and relaxing riding low.
Patrick was a charming host/driver.

Sandy Milner

So, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in Kelowna on business. I knew Pat was giving sidecar tours, so I thought I would give him a call. What a pleasant experience! The sidecar was much larger than I expected, it easily had room for two. It had a windshield, a canopy, and a stereo system! I chose to forgo the stereo so Pat could play tour guide for the local sights. Having sold my motorcycle many years ago, this was a time machine for me! All the smells and sounds I remembered from my youth came flooding back! Pat is a highly skilled and very smooth driver, and his motorcycle has power to spare on the steep hills around Kelowna. He stopped whenever I asked for photo opportunities and explained all the local sights to me. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I highly recommend it!

Took a two hour tour in the sidecar with Custom Sidecar Tours on a bright sunny day last Tuesday. We toured along the lake and up Knox mountain. Breathtaking panorama coupled by the feeling of freedom I had riding in the sidecar was phenomenal. The ride was incredible. I would recommend it to anyone at anytime. Kudos to Patrick and Dorothy for putting into being such a novel idea.

Patrick, we had an awesome day - thank you for the smiles and the opportunity to remember what a beautiful area we live in!

Best of luck with your new business, we hope it is a huge success!

Patrick, thank you for taking my Dad and Uncle on an amazing adventure today with your sidecar from Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm and all the way to Quails' Gate Winery and back! They had an amazing time!

Andrea & Dave



" Quite a thrill! I was surprised that I saw more scenery from the sidecar than I saw from a truck on the same road.  I could see things up close and really felt a part of the ride – experiencing the road and nature.  The ride was quiet and smooth, handling curves so well. At 72, I have a little trouble walking so when I had a bit of difficulty getting out the helping hand from my very understanding and courteous driver was greatly appreciated.  All in all, I can hardly wait to take another trip in your beautiful valley.

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